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Whistleblower Support Fund Living Legacy

Whistleblower Support Fund Living Legacy

Location: Ellicott City , MD

Organization Name: AMHS, Inc.

The Whistleblower Support Fund is a nonprofit organization created by Dr. Donald Soeken to provide support to whistleblowers both in corporate and governmental institutions to ensure that they will be able to exercise their rights to free speech, conscientiously perform their duties and remain free from harassment and intimidation.

Protecting whistleblowers’ rights and their ability to expose fraud, governmental abuse, safety and environmental problems, and misuse of authority helps to create government accountability and a society more open to dissent. Protection of individuals’ rights to speak out according to their convictions and principles also provides impetus for reform and empowerment of other citizens and grassroots groups.


Donations to the Whistleblower Support Fund Living Legacy go to a permanent fund professionally managed and invested by the Lutheran Legacy Foundation. Income derived from the fund, or a set percentage, is distributed to the WSF, ensuring that its services will continue indefinitely.

A Living Legacy can be set up in the name of any person a donor wishes to honor. For example, a Living Legacy has been set up to honor Robert MacLean, a WSF client who successfully appealed employer retaliation to the U.S. Supreme Court. Up to $500,00 donated through the LLF will be matched with 20% additional money. A donation of $500,000 would therefore receive an additional $100,000 to the WSF legacy set up or selected by the donor.

The WSF Living Legacy fund began with a life insurance gift of our former president, Joseph Griggs. His dedication to persons of integrity was a life time goal, and he provided support and encouragement throughout his life.

For more information on setting up a living legacy, we encourage you to contact us and discuss it in person, at (301) 953-7353.

For information about the Whistleblower Support Fund go to

Purpose of Fund:  To provide desperately needed services to homeless and jobless whistleblowers in the United States and around the world.

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