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Our Savior Saints Group Funds

Our Savior Saints Group Funds

Location: Laurel , MD

Organization Name: Our Savior Lutheran Church

A Legacy For OSLC

As a member and supporter of OSLC, you have demonstrated your personal commitment to the Lord through your membership at OSLC and your support of its vision and missions. Now we hope you will consider a different type of gift — a special gift to OSLC through your estate plan.

Many people think of estate planning as something they need to do, but something that can be postponed. However, setting up your estate plan today can have many benefits, including the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled.

If you include a provision for OSLC, you will have the added satisfaction of knowing that the Laurel community and the growing membership of OSLC in the future will benefit from your generous act today.

Our Savior’s All Saints Fund has qualified for a 20% matching grant for endowment contributions through the Lutheran Legacy Foundation. This applies to the next $500,000 contributed to the fund.

OSLC Mission:

  • To Know the unconditional love of God,
  • To Grow in our relationships with Jesus Christ and others, and
  • To Go and share this good news in word and deed.

Our Savior Lutheran Church invites you to follow the lead of past Our Savior Saints by participating in our Endowment Fund.


Steps for Getting Started

Preparing your estate plan does not need to be cumbersome or complicated. Here are some steps to help you begin:

  1. Gather information about your assets, including bank accounts, retirement funds, and real property.
  2. Think about your family and the missions that matter most to you and how you would like to provide for them.
  3. Think about whom you would like to serve as your executor or trustee.
  4. Meet with an estate planning professional to structure the gift to realize your wishes for OSLC and to gain the highest benefit for your estate, including tax deductions. If you do not have a planner/attorney in mind, your local bar association can make a referral.

For more information, please call (301) 776-7670 or visit

Our Savior Lutheran Church has set up two types of endowment funds using different investment portfolios.

Purpose of Funds: The purpose of the fund will be for the congregation to help its members and spread the Kingdom of God by the preaching of the Word of God, by the administration of the sacraments, and by the religious instruction of youth and adults, according to the confessional standard of the Lutheran Church (Article III), and to foster Christian fellowship and charity.  Members may choose to memorialize a sainted person by contributing to this fund for the purposes stated by the congregation or the purpose chosen by the family.

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