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Our Savior Lutheran Church Endowment Fund - Eagle River

Our Savior Lutheran Church Endowment Fund – Eagle River

Location: Eagle River , WI

Organization Name: Our Savior Lutheran Church

The purpose of the Endowment Fund shall be to receive, to manage and to distribute funding  or scholarships, improvements and missions in support of the mission of Our Savior Lutheran Church:

“To equip and encourage followers of Christ to share the love of Jesus with people in our community and in the world so that all may have eternal life.”

The scholarship dimension shall focus on:

  1. Congregation’s members attending synodical colleges, seminaries and universities.
  2. Congregation’s staff – called or contracted or hired – for enhancement, improvement and enrichment of skills beyond those considered basic.
  3. Donations to Camp Luther through camperships or specifically named program or property needs.

The improvement dimension shall focus on:

  1. Building/purchase of new property.
  2. Remodeling and renovating existing property.
  3. Obtaining new equipment.
  4. Purchasing items necessary for improving a unique ministry of the church.

The mission dimension shall focus on:

  1. Service outreach opportunities in our community.
  2. Mission trips, servant events, etc. in other geographic areas.
  3. Support for missionaries and their projects.

Annual income: from invested endowment funds is used by Our Savior Lutheran Church to fund any of the three purposes of the Endowment Fund.

Recent grants: have been for scholarships for students attending synodical schools, for youth attendance at national youth gatherings and for communication equipment in the church.

Donations accepted: Gifts from any individual, family, firm or corporation, in money, securities, or any other form of property, made for the purposes of the Endowment Fund, gifts in memory of any deceased person or in appreciation or recognition of any living person, gifts in the form of a devise or bequest under will or trust instrument, and proceeds of insurance, annuity, or endowment policies or contracts, may be received by the Endowment Fund at any time.

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Our Savior Lutheran Church Endowment Fund of Eagle River, Wisconsin – This fund is established for the purpose of supporting special projects in the ministry of the congregation.

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