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LLF Unrestricted Fund - #27001

LLF Unrestricted Fund – #27001

Location: Paris , IL

Organization Name: Lutheran Legacy Foundation, Inc.

Whether you are an individual looking to start or enhance your philanthropic efforts or an organization or church interested in securing a future stream of income, the Lutheran Legacy Foundation (LLF) is here for you. Lutheran Legacy Foundation can assist by:

Helping Organizations and Churches Establish Charitable Funds. LLF will provide sample resolutions, governance guidelines and legal information for establishing funds or endowments.

Managing your Money Responsibly. Monitor the performance of financial managers to ensure accounts are able to grow to their fullest potential.

Providing Incentives to Congregations. Because of the support of The Clara & Spencer Werner Foundation, Lutheran Legacy Foundation is able to offer incentives to congregations to begin endowment programs.

Covering the Cost of Annual Audits. Institutional accounts that are part of the Lutheran Legacy Foundation will be audited as part of the annual audit of the Lutheran Legacy Foundation.

Offering Resources for Expanding Your Endowment. As a Lutheran Legacy Foundation participant, organizations will have access to materials and ideas for encouraging support of institutional endowments.

Fund Name:  LLF Unrestricted Fund

Purpose of Fund:  The purpose of this fund is to support Lutheran Legacy Foundation operations and help meet the costs of charitable requests from the Lutheran Church at large.

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