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Benediction Lutheran Church Endowment Funds

Benediction Lutheran Church Endowment Funds

Location: Milwaukee , WI

Organization Name: Benediction Lutheran Church

“A fellowship of Christians, grounded in the Scriptures and Centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Benediction Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod on the northwest side of the city of Milwaukee. Our vision statement is that we are a fellowship. We are people who care deeply for each other with the love of Christ. This fellowship is grounded in our Lord’s word alone and centered on His love for us in Christ.

That love of Christ also motivates us to care for our neighbors. We are in one of the most diverse parts of Milwaukee. This has blessed us to look a lot like heaven with worship services in 4 different languages and a variety of nationalities, including ministries to our Congolese, Hmong, and German neighbors. In addition to worship and Bible classes, our ministries include: ESL, GED, citizenship classes, and a German radio ministry.

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Benediction Lutheran Hardt Endowment Fund – The Benediction Lutheran Hardt Endowment is intended to serve and support special needs of the congregation that cannot be met with contributions. The voters will decide in the April Voters Assembly meeting as to where the annual distribution is to be directed.

Interest from the Hardt fund has for many years been used to supplement our support of our elementary school tuition aid fund. Currently the interest has been used to help fund our Buildings & Grounds Reserve Fund and our Office Equipment Reserve Fund.

The Benediction Lutheran Mueller Endowment – The Benediction Lutheran Mueller Endowment Fund is intended to support Hmong Ministry at Benediction Lutheran Church, Milwaukee. The congregation has an ordained Hmong pastor, who leads this ministry. It also has various programs to serve the Hmong population of the area, such as ESL and a summer Hmong Education Program which teaches Hmong children both Hmong culture and language. The proceeds from this fund support both the salary of the pastor and the Hmong ministry in general.

The Benediction Lutheran Education Endowment Fund – The Benediction Lutheran Education Endowment is intended to serve three educational needs:

  1. Support the congregation’s Lutheran grade school tuition assistance program.
  2. Support of a seminarian to each of the two LCMS Seminaries.
  3. Assist congregational members who are in an undergraduate program to prepare to become rostered Lutheran church workers.


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Benediction Lutheran Education Endowment Fund
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