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Grant Application Guideline

Clara & Spencer Werner Fund*
P.O. Box 31
Paris, IL  61944

Application Guidelines

The Clara & Spencer Werner Fund has no general application form.  Your application should consist of:

  • A Cover Letter
    The cover letter should be short, concise and state the amount and reason aid is being requested.
  • Proof of Federal Tax Exempt Status
    Please include your EIN number.
  • An Audited Financial Statement
    The Statement requested is from the previous year.  If you have no Financial Statement you may submit a budget with projected income and expenses for the coming year.
  • Contact Person
    Please include the name, address, phone number, and relationship to the organization of an individual who may be contacted regarding the request.
  • Supporting Documentation
    Include information about your organization including the membership of the governing board. Provide some indication of your qualifications to accomplish your project.
  • Application in Triplicate

Application Deadline:  May 15th

*The Clara & Spencer Werner Fund is a Donor Advised Fund held inside Lutheran Legacy Foundation.

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