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About Community Foundations

Lutheran Legacy Foundation is a Community Foundation.

Community Foundations:

  • Are exactly what the name implies—foundations for the benefit of a community. Lutheran Legacy Foundation exists to serve the Lutheran community.
  • Receive and manage charitable dollars intended to be permanent endowments. Income is distributed to support the causes chosen by the organization
  • Hire professional money managers to invest for the foundation. Lutheran Legacy Foundation monitors the performance of the managers and makes changes if necessary.
  • Are an ideal place for Lutheran churches, schools and agencies to house their endowments.

Community Foundation Characteristics

Asset Pooling

Community foundations pool their funds, which allows for greater investment diversification.

Cost Savings

Funds in a community foundation not only experience wider diversification, but the pooling of assets also reduces management costs.


Lutheran Legacy Foundation has managers with the experience and know-how to effectively manage and monitor your funds. This is often preferable to relying on the expert in your congregation, who though well-intentioned, may or may not have the time, and may be subject to personal criticism.

Variance Power

Community foundations have variance power. When the original charitable designation of a fund is impossible, a different charitable purpose consistent with your desires may be chosen. Your organization’s charitable intentions remain even if circumstances change.

Working with a Community Foundation

Lutheran Legacy Foundation is committed to providing sound management of fund assets. We will do all within our power to maximize returns, preserve capital, and give you the chance to accomplish more for your mission and ministry. View our investment policy.

Distributions from Your Endowment

Funds make distributions on a regular basis or on an “at request” basis. All funds are encouraged to take distributions, but there is no legal requirement to do so.

Initial Investment

The minimum initial amount for an endowment fund with Lutheran Legacy Foundation for churches, schools and organizations is $10,000.

Fees for Services

Lutheran Legacy Foundation has a relatively low investment fee. Funds under $1 million are charged 1.25%, and 1% over $1 million. The fee is assessed monthly on the beginning balance. Unusual direct costs are assessed directly to the fund.


Fund reports are available online monthly. Reports are also sent by mail on a quarterly basis. IRS and other regulatory reports required for your endowment will be submitted by the foundation to the proper authorities on your behalf.

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